Demonstratie van Soedanese vluchtelingen en organisaties in Den Haag

Vrijdag 24 mei - Soedanezen en inwoners van de Vluchtkerk voeren vandaag actie bij het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, de Tweede Kamer en de Soedanese ambassade tegen het uitzetten van Soedanezen en andere vluchtelingen via Soedan. Ook vragen de actievoerders de Nederlandse overheid om de druk op de Soedanese regering op te voeren.
Lees hier de brief die zal worden overhandigd aan minister Timmermans van Buitenlandse Zaken.

We verzamelen om 10.30 uur op het malieveld. Van ongeveer 12.30 tot 14.00 zijn de actievoerders te vinden voor de Soedanese ambassade in Den Haag, Koninginnegracht 63-64.

Hier de brief die de actievoerders zullen overhandigen aan Minister Timmermans.

Kingdom of the Netherlands
Ministry of foreign affairs
Bezuidenhoutseweg 67
2594 AC Den Haag
Date : 24-05-2013

Your Excellency mr.Frans Timmermans,

We are a group of concern Sudanese residing in The Netherlands .We have been watching with grave concern the sufferings of our Sudanese national facing the fast up wide range escalation of the state violence and the wide-spread human rights violations including, arbitrary arrests, NGO expulsions, extrajudicial killings and unfair trials based on public order , use of excessive force, torture, the employment of popular defense force militias, arbitrary detentions and the on-going harassment by members of the Sudanese security forces, and the militias of the National Conference Party in Darfur, Kordofan and Blue Nile States, as well as in other regions and states in Sudan.
More than, 400,000 innocent civilians has being killed, Women are being raped and Villages are being bombarded. More than 2.5 million civilians have being displaced and other millions of civilians have being forced to flee the country seeking refuge worldwide.
The violence continues today and we are deeply concerned to put an end to all this forms of harassment, intimidation, arbitrary arrests, and torture of our fellow Sudanese citizens
Bring to an end its military campaigns against unarmed citizens in Darfur, Kordofan, and the Blue Nile States, and to start resolving the historical grievances of these areas through peaceful negotiations.

Acknowledging the positive roll of the Netherlands in the peace process and development in Sudan, therefore we urge you strongly to use your authority to:
- To conditionalize the development aid
- To adopt an initiative of implementation of comprehensive strategy to end the serious human rights violation in Sudan (As has being discussing in the Congress of USA- See tha attachment)

 Ensure sufficient support for protection of displaced civilians

 Support implementation of a NO-Fly Zone in the conflict area’s

- Ensure sufficient support and protection for the asylum seekers in Netherlands by giving an advice to IND regarding implementation of a departure moratorium .Return of asylum seekers in the light of current situation will endanger their life or liberties as they will be associate with oppositions movements

We urge you to stand with other world leaders to actively work to protect human rights in Sudan today.

The undersigned by the representatives of asylum seekers group , Sudan political parties and civil society organizations in The Netherlands :

I-Representatives of asylum seekers group
Younis Omar

II- Representatives of Sudan Democratic Forum

1-Mr.Idris Ahmed Hamed
2- Emam Mousa Elemam

III- Representatives of Sudanese Youth for Change



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